Usana Reviews and Usana Scam Claims-The Truth

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Usana Reviews – What is Usana ?

Will They Help You or Hurt You ?


I already know something about you. You’re here because you are either researching Usana or already in Usana and you want to see if it is an a legitimate business opportunity.

  Usana Reviews and Usana Scam Claims The Truth


You may be asking yourself  “Just What is Usana”, or you’ve heard something about an Usana Scam, or you are looking for Usana Reviews and really simply looking for more info on What is Usana. Well to answer the question of What is Usana- it can be a great way to make money from home.

It’s a network marketing opportunity built on selling health products and bringing in other reps, who act much like agents in a real estate brokerage to build a continuously larger net. In turn as you train others and help them grow their own businesses along with yours you reap commissions from their efforts as well – translating into residual income and what can lead to substantial profits.

  Usana Reviews and Usana Scam Claims The Truth

20% of the world’s millionaires come from network marketing , and it employs more women making six figures than any other industry. But does that mean Usana is right for you?

The question you should probably be asking might also be phrased  as what is #1 problem with Usana and how can I overcome it ?
When looking at Usana Reviews or considering Usana MLM bear in mind that there is One Major Problem with Usana which we will discuss in this video. Check Out This FREE Training Video On How to Generate An Endless Amount of Leads for Your Usana Business

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Usana Scam? Why Didn’t Other Usana Reviews Mention This?

The truth is most Usana scam claims come from failed or disappointed reps who didn’t achieve the success they desired. Rather than examine why this happened they blame Usana. Usana is not to blame and negative Usana reviews, and any Usana scam claims should beviewed for what they are. People who can’t take responsibility for the outcome of their endeavor, or those that don’t like MLM.

If you are researching Usana scam claims, you may find a variety of opinons. There are certainly going to be some negative Usana reviews out there, but you must ask yourself, where do they come from?

If you are seriuos about building a business, and like the idea of network marketing and building residual income, then

Usana is a company worth considering. So you can ignore Usana scam claims, once you have the facts.

If you’ve already gathered some information and are now double checking to get some outside opinions then you likely have already seen that hundreds of folks have built steady,high-earning incomes with this company over the years.A company doesn’t last that long and have that much success if it isn’t legit.

Instead of looking for excuses focus on a business plan that will help you move outside of your warm market. Most Usana reviews won’t tell you how hard it is going to be to build a network marketing business. Be prepared, be focused, be ready to learn how to market, and you’ll easily be able to ignore the silly Usana scam claims.

  Usana Reviews and Usana Scam Claims The Truth


When looking at Usana Reviews or considering Usana MLM bear in mind that there is One Major Problem with Usana which I discuss in the video above.
Check Out This FREE Training Video On How to Generate An Endless Amount of Leads for Your Usana Business


Amway Scam: Am I Going to Try To Persuade You Otherwise  ?

You might have heard Amway is a scam. But how do you really know ?  I’m going to help you learn what to look for.

There are tons of mlm businesses out there and getting into the right one is not as simple as it was five or ten years ago. There is a ton of information and matching disinformation out there about almost every single network marketing opportunity, including Amway.

First , a little bit about the company. Amway is one of the oldest operating direct selling companies in the US. When they started in 1959, they only had one product and a local presence; fast forward to the present and they now have several product lines and a recognizable global presence.

There are more than three million people in over 80 different countries that have started their own businesses and have taken advantage of the Amway business opportunity. They’ve consistently reported over $10 billion in annual sales in the past 2 years. This is exclusively generated by their international network of distributors.

Amway Scam Reviews- Business Opportunity

I do want to go ahead and set the record straight before moving forward. Amway in its present form is not a scam. But , due to some of it’s business reps shady practices years ago, the company has suffered over the long haul when it comes to reputation. At the same time in many other circles their products are both loved and well-respected and people continue to build solid Amway businesses even today.

Amway started way back in 1959 and was founded by Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel. Today their products are being sold throughout the world in over eighty nations plus they now have over 2400 items in their product catalog, from cosmetics to dietary supplements. They’re said to be the first network marketing company and also the most successful. Most Amway reviews provides you with an idea on how successful this company is or try to convince you it’s a scam; this review is different.

Amway Scam Reviews- How to  really earn money with Amway





I’ve heard it said Amway can  pretty much guarantee that if you are prepared to the work and execute a plan, you can make a lot of cash. I don’ t believe that’s true.

Getting the right training, talking to 100′s of people, holding meetings, having a lot of people tell you no ( and not caring )- are all things it takes to succeed in Amway. Or at least with old school marketing.  Now if that doesn’t sound great, there is a more modern alternative to marketing and growing a business. But more on that later.

The video above shows:

00:41 Amway Reviews | Amway a scam ? What that really means
01:19 Amway Reviews | Amway is a real business, right ?
02:23 Amway Reviews | Amway success in 21st century, no more cold calls
03:45 Amway Reviews | online training for Amway reps and home biz owners

Amway can  also get pretty challenging. However, if you are coachable and you really put effort on it you can succeed in this business opportunity even though the product is expensive and the business opportunity is probably harder to build than some others, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, especially if you focus on branding yourself and getting people to work with you.

Amway’s best sellers are various Nutrilite products, natural food supplements and vitamins. They have also ventured into production home goods like water purifiers, cleaning solutions, scented candles and detergents.

Amway Scam Reviews: Does Amway  offer a good chance of making money?

Amway is a well-known name in network marketing. Because it is so big, it could be hard to find people who haven’t already heard of it in the United States or not been turned off by some of the practices used in the 70′s and so forth. Should Amway be punished for that ?


But you’d also be be naive to go into a business not realizing this either.

Amway Scam  Reviews: The Biggest Problem People Face


Check out my free training here to learn exactly what even frustrated business owners who have never made a dime in their home business  have started making money online without having to stockpile products, pitch friends and family, or have tons of costly hotel meetings and make your Amway business something you enjoy.

The One Trait All Successful People Share

(I’ve been spending a lot  of time on my other blog and weekly radio hosting gig, preparing for my book coming out in May. Here’s a recent post I stole from myself. )



“Goals that are not written down are just wishes.”


Are You Some One Getting Closer to What You Want in Life ?

Or Just Treading Water ?


success traits of the rich

It is said that only one percent of people have goals that they write down and review every day. And that one percent achieve the most. Too many people have undefined goals they cannot hope to achieve because they are no more than simply wishes.

Every step of this process narrows down the achievers from the dreamers.

Eighty percent of people don’t have goals.

Sixteen percent have goals but don’t write them down.

Only 3 % write them down, but they don’t review them.

So the 1% left are the ones who not only had goals but wrote them down and reviewed them every day. These are the people who not only put in the most effort in the first place, but made it defined effort. They know what it they are striving for. The rest? Well . . . you hear hear it all the time: “Someday, when this happens or that happens . . .”

Why not today? What’s really stopping you?

Every Goal Worth Pursuing Will Require a Sacrifice

When we learn to take the phrase “I can’t” out of our vocabulary and make the sacrifices and commitments necessary to change, we are on our way to getting where we want to be.

This isn’t about the power of positive thinking. Positive thinking alone means nothing without action.


What We’re Used To

We’ve become a society of people who want everything now—our food, our information our entertainment. We don’t really care what’s in it, just as long as we get it now, and just as long as there’s something to keep us distracted.

The underlying concept is that everyone else is doing all the work. It’s all handed to us. We expect it this way.

By the same token, the information in my new book is one of the few places where you can find a step-by-step manual to a better income. And although the answers are right there, if you don’t apply any of it, you will have gained nothing and have no one to blame but yourself.


  The One Trait All Successful People Share

Sorry. But it's true.



Close your eyes for a moment and picture anyone who’s ever achieved something significant in life. Every one of those people got to where they are because they set goals and took action.

How can you get started?

Two useful places for helping one set goals and review them daily are the free websites and

Freemind allows one to create “mindmaps,” which are visual representations that you can easily construct to visualize your goals and review them easily in a readable fashion. You can then save your pictorial to your computer. It’s been shown that many people achieve their goals and are more likely to review them if they’re in a visual format.

Likewise, Animoto is a free service (you can pay a small fee for more options, but the free version should suffice). You can load pictures and set a music background to create a nifty little music video to help you visualize what it is you want to achieve and remind you who and what it is you are working for.

Does it take goal setting to make you happy? No.

But does it take goal setting to reach your potential? Yes.


The Good News

It’s not too late! No matter your age, experience, or background, it’s not too late to begin making changes in your life and improving it.

The Information Age has given us all the opportunity, but we simply don’t recognize how the opportunities have changed.

So if goals are so vital to success, why don’t more people set them?

My suspicion is that people are afraid they won’t achieve their goals. They’re afraid of change.

Are You a Goal-Getter ? How To Tell in 60 Seconds

  The One Trait All Successful People Share

This post has literally nothing to do with cars. But still...Nic Cage

Let’s take a step back and realize a simple truth: whenever you attempt something new, you will be bad at it before you get good at it. And even if you happen to be an extraordinary prodigy and naturally gifted at a particular subject, it is still common knowledge that practice means improvement.

But consider this . . . new businesses are started every day with no guarantees. Statistics tell us that over HALF will go out of business in three years or less, which coincidentally (or perhaps not) is also when many new businesses begin to turn a profit. So not only do these new business owners take on debt, overhead, employees, and a number of other headaches, but they are also guaranteed nothing. So what are alternatives ? As you’ll see in my coming posts, there is greater opportunity than ever before for people to create their own independent side incomes- if they know where to look.

You can easily use the above tips to get yourself organized and goals in pace and on track. The rest…stay tuned.

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But what got me started on this crazy process ? What made me think I could write a book and anyone would wan to read it ? My experience in a home business had a lot to do with it. Now we solve problems for the cast majority of folks out there who WANT to find success from home, WANT to make extra money or replace their income but have simply struggled. Check out this Free Presentation to learn more.



  The One Trait All Successful People Share

Ryan Shaffer is an entrepreneur, business owner, and consultant from Athens, Ga. Ryan is also the author of “How to Get a Raise This Week :With or Without Your Boss’ Permission” , which can now be pre-ordered on Amazon or most other online outlets.

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